Care of Salt Lamps

Handling and Care of Salt Lamps


  • First and foremost, it must be remembered that Salt Lamps are hygroscopic, that is they absorb moisture from the atmosphere which explains why they must not be left exposed to air for long periods of time or placed in damp places.


  • To remove dust, wipe the products with a slightly damp towel. Do not forget to switch off the power first. :-)


  • After cleaning them, turn on the lamp for a couple of hours in order to dry them through the gentle heat of the bulb.


  • Make sure the lamp is kept in a dry environment, when not in use. Turn the lamp on if dampness is seen.


  • It is recommended to light the lamp everyday for the best results.


  • Lamps should be left turned on for as long as possible. This will not only maintain a constant negative ionizing process, but also repel excess moisture build up around the lamp.


  • Place the lamps at the location where you want to restore or preserve natural air quality.