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The gallery of Loh Choy Chai.

3rd May 2003

The signboard which represent the source of many a meal for many members of the Loh Clan in Batu Gajah. It is also the home where the clan's patriarch, Loh Yan, live until he passed away in 1970.



This hospital is the place where many a clan member was born.





3rd May 2003

Snapshots of Jimmy Loh Ah Fook and Family









6th April 2003

Two more for the album from Loh Choy Chai. :-)

I attach herewith two pictures taken at Malim Nawar during our last visit to BG.

 The gentleman in 'T' shirt is my 2nd auntie's son, we called him 'Ah Lek' the other is his wife.

The other group picture is my 8th auntie ( we used to call her 8th auntie) i.e. my father youngest sister.


L to R : My missus Kam Mooi Chai, Sister Loh Mei Yoke, 8th Auntie, Brother Loh Jear Wan and me.





5th April 2003

The first gallery of pictures of the Loh Family is now online. This handful of photographs is from Loh Choy Chai's album. To see the full image, just click on the thumbnail picture.

My nephew, Loh Teck Foong, wife Rebecca, son, Jonathan and Joel and daughter  taken during their Chinese Lunar New Year visit to my house in 2001.




My wife and I went back to to visit Ching Yin (which is our grandparents' roots), Guangdong, China between 2 April 2002 to 6 April 2002 to visit my mother-in-law's grave called Yin Tuck in Guangdong Province during the last Qing Ming Festival.  it is about 5 hours car drive from Guangzhou city. We have to pass through before Ching Yin before we arrived at 'Ying Tuck' .

The first picture show the signboard before the toll gate that leads to the town to Ching Yin.

The second picture shows the fresh water river with cargo vessels plying this stretch of deep water. It is a mountainous region, we have to passed through road tunnels shared with the railway lines next door.




Here are two picture of my eldest sister Loh Kim Lin's second son wedding on 28th September 2002. Standing from L to R: Bernard Loh Tuck Hao, (My youngeest son) Loh Tuck Fei (my brother Loh Jear Wan's son), Nicholas Lian (sister's son i.e. the bridegroom) and the Bride Daniel Loh Tuck Yew (my oldest son) Seated from L to R: Loh Lek Chai ( my older brother), Loh Choy Chai (me),  Loh Jear Wan and his wife.


The second photo shows my oldest sister Loh Kim Lin's family: Seated from L to R: Oldest son Kok Foong, my sister Loh Kim Lin, husband Lian Chu Fatt, and his oldest daughter. Standing from L to R: her second daughter, Bride and Nicholas Lian.