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LOH SAI CHOW (1824 to 1913) + "Poon"

LOH SAI CHOW was born in 1824 in a town called Ching Yin in Guangdong Province, China. A Chinese Physician, he served the last emperor of China during the Ching Dynasty. He passed away at the age of 89 at a small mining village called Lahat, about 8 km away from Batu Gajah. His wife 'Poon' also passed away in Malaysia.


            LOH YAN (1871 to 1970) + "Heong"

LOH YAN was born in Ching Yin in Guangdong Province, China. When he was 16 years old, he sold himself for the sea passage to Malaya. He settled down in Lahat and worked as a coolie in a tin mine in Lahat. Later he became the owner of two tin mines. After making a fortune, he returned to China to marry his wife and brought her back to Batu Gajah. In 1911, before the Cultural Revolution, he again returned to Ching Yin to bring his father back to Malaya. The people of China were persecuting all those who were associated with the emperor. He managed to bring back his father Loh Sai Chow and wife to Malaya. But unfortunately the two tin mines went bust. He later became a farmer, eked out a living planting rice and vegetables in a small village, besides the MTD about 4 km from Batu Gajah. He passed away in 1970 at the ripe old age of 99 years at no. 136, Main Road Batu Gajah, Perak.


                        LOH WENG KHAN (1913 TO 1994)  + Chow Swe + Cheng Swee Cheng (1929 to 1988)

LOH WENG KHAN was born in Malaya in 1913. He worked his way as a tailor, run a tailor shop, called 'Yee Sang Loong' at 136, Main Road, Batu Gajah, Perak. He passed away at the age of 81 years on 3.12.1994 @ 4.45. p.m. due to old age in Batu Gajah. He is buried in Batu Gajah His first wife Chow Swe passed away on 29.2.2000 @ 12.21 p.m. in Singapore and is buried in Singapore. She bore him 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls.

                                    LOH KOON CHIN, MICHAEL (1930 to 1989) + Janet Cheong Keng Hong (1942 to 1992)

LOH KOON CHIN, MICHAEL was born in 1930 in Batu Gajah. Left for Singapore in the early 1960+ to seek out a living. Worked as a clerk in a school. Passed away 1960+ in 4.7.1989 in Singapore. Cremated and buried at Mt. Vernon Crematorium, Singapore. Wife: Cheong Keng Hong, 50 yrs. a housewife. Born 1942. Passed away on 15.8.1992 due to cancer. Creamated and also buried side by side with LOH KOON CHIN

  TIMMON LOH TECK FOONG  + Rebecca Lee Hung Ling

LOH TECK FOONG was born in Singapore and works in the shipping line. His wife Rebecca Lee Hung Ling is a teacher with St. Gabriel Primary School in Singapore. They have two sons Jonathan Loh and Joel Loh and a daughter, Michelle.


              JONATHAN LOH XIAN ZHENG (1985) 

              Currently studying in a polytechnic in Singapore. 


              JOEL LOH XIAN SHENG (1987)

              Studying for his "N" Level this year



               MICHELLE LOH YUEN QI (1997)            

               Final year in kindergarden.                                         


                                     CINDY LOH KENG FUN

                                                Loh Keng Fun was born in Singapore and is married to a Singaporean.

                                    LOH KAM LIN (1934) + Lian Chu Huat

LOH KAM LEAN was born in Batu Gajah. She migrated to Singapore in the early 1960 and  married to a local Batu Gajah boy, Lian Chu Huat, a retired businessman in Singapore.

                                    LOH KOON VOON (1938) + Josephine Pang

LOH KOON VOON was born in Batu Gajah. He was the first local teacher to be sent to Kirby, UK for training and later became a Vice-Principal in Muar, Malaysia. His wife Josephine Pang was also a teacher in Malaysia. They have pair of twin daughters. In 1970, he decided to up-root and migrate to Canada. He is now a businessman in Canada.

             LOH JEAR WAN @ Loh Kah Mun (1941)

LOH JEAR WAN @ Loh Kah Mun was born in Batu Gajah. He is now a retiree in Singapore. He migrated to Singapore in the late 1960+. His wife is a local Singaporean teacher in a kindergarden. They have two girls and one boy.


                                                LOH YUEN KUAN

Loh Yuen Kuan was born in Singapore. She is currently attached to the Singapore Foreign Affairs Dept.

                                                LOH PEY CHIN, JANICE

Loh Pey Chin, Janice is a graduate of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is an accountant.

                         LOH TECK FEI

Loh Teck Fei is a graduate and is with LLyods Insurance in Singapore.



              LOH KOON LUP (1943)

Emigrated to Toronto in the 1980+ with his Taiwanese wife. They have a son, LOH TUCK WAN.


                         LOH TUCK WAN


             LOH MEI YOKE  (1945)  + Leong Wen Peng

LOH MEI YOKE was born in 1945. She is still in Batu Gajah and is a housewife. Married with two children.

            LEONG TIEN SIK

            LEONG SHAN SHAN                                 


             LOH AH FOOK, JIMMY

LOH AH FOOK, JIMMY, emigrated to UK in 1970. He settled down in Bottisham, Cambridge, UK. Married a local British girl, with a girl and boy.


                                    LOH KIM MOOI (1946 to 1990)

LOH KIM MOOI was born on 11.11.1946 in Batu Gajah. She passed away a spinster on 26.2.1990 after a long illness.

             LOH LEK CHAI (1948) + Florence

LOH LEK CHAI was born in 1948 in Batu Gajah. He took over the running of the tailor business from his late father. He is married with a daughter, LOH POI KUAN. His wife, Florence also helps out in the tailor business.


                                                LOH POI KUAN

                                                Loh Poi Kuan is currently with Second User Sdn. Bhd.

LOH CHOY CHAI (1950) + Kam Mooi Chai

LOH CHOY CHAI was born in Batu Gajah and emigrated to Singapore in 1970. He served in the Singapore Police Force from 1972 to 1998. A retired police officer, he now works as an Operations Manager with Yuhua Secondary School. His wife KAM MOOI CHAI, is with Singapore Marriot Hotel.


            LOH AI CHI YVONNE (1976)

LOH AI CHI YVONNE is a graduate from Nanyang Technological University. She majored in Tourism and is now with the Singapore Sports Council.


            LOH TUCK YEW DANIEL (1978)

LOH TUCK YEW DANIEL is a graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic. He majored in Computer Electronics Engineering and is now with Kenwood Electronics Technologies (S) Pte Ltd.


            LOH TUCK HAO BERNARD (1984)

LOH TUCK HAO BERNARD is an undergraduate in Nanyang Polytechnic, majoring in Manufacturing Engineering.



                                    LOH KOON CHEONG (1955) + Hu Choon Ngon

LOH KOON CHEONG, born in Batu Gajah, now lives in Singapore with his Taiwanese wife Hu Choon Ngon and two children.

                                                LOH SEE WAN (1985)

LOH SEE WAN is an undergraduate in Singapore Polytechnic majoring in IT.

                                                LOH TECK YANG (1988)

LOH TECK YANG is a secondary 3 student with Yuhua Secondary School, Singapore.

                                    LOH KIM LING + Low Tien Chay

LOH KIM LING is a nurse in Malacca. She worked as a nurse in Singapore General Hospital for 14 yrs . After her marriage to LOW TIEN CHAY, a secondary school teacher in Malacca, they settled down in Malacca and two children.

                                                GRACE LOW

                                                DAVID LOW

                                    LOH LIM KHENG (1967 to 1998)

LOH LIM KHENG was born on 1.7.1967. She was married and lived in Selangor, Malaysia, She passed away on 17.4.1998.

                        LOH WENG PONG + Chong See


           TONY LOH KOON HOY (1939)












    IVAN LOH MENG ANN (1979)               




                                    LOH YAU MAN (1943) + Madam K. S. Wong

LOH YAU MAN is current working on a contract basis with Tenaga Nasional Bhd. His missus is a full time housewife.

                                                LOH TUCK KUAN (1977)

                                                LOH TUCK SUM (1981)

                                                LOH LAI CHING (1982)

                                    LOH BON PAN + Yan Kum Lin

                                                STEPHEN YAN CHIN MUN (1975)

                                                JENNY YAN CHIN YEE (1979)

                                    LOH YAU FOOK

                                                LOH YYY YYY

                                                LOH YYY YYY

                                                LOH YYY YYY                                   

                                    LOH KOON KHEONG

                                    LOH KONG SEP

                                    LOH KOON LEONG (1957) + Chang Hwei Chin

Loh Koon Leong was born in Batu Gajah. He joined the Banking Industry in 1977 and is currently a Trade Finance Officer with RHB Bank Berhad. He also own and operate a website specialising in Malaysian stamps www.filatelic.com.

He is also the pro-tem webmaster for this website and can be contacted anytime via his mobile # 016-2711128.

                                                ALVIN LOH TARK WAI (1997)

                                    LOH KOON SENG (1959)  + Ivy Peh Leng Siang

            JANE LOH SI QI (2000)




                        LOH YAU MIN + Wong Chook Mooi

                                    LOH TAK SUM + Tan Yoke Lan

                                                LUO ZHI LIN

                                    LOH MAY KUM

                                                XXX YEE FOO

                                                XXX CHING YEE

                                    LOH MEI HAH

                                    LOH THIAM SUM + Kiok Kim Kim

                        LOH WENG KEE

                                    LOH KOON CHIT

                                    LOH PUI YIN

                                    LOH PUI YUEN

                                    LOH KOON CHENG

                                    LOH PUI YAN

                                    LOH PUI SEE